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Debriefing on Gov. Rick Synder’s last State of the State Recap 1/24

A lot has been done, but more needs to be accomplished, said Ari Adler, communications director in the governor’s office, when he recapped Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State speech at Capitol Issues Forum Jan. 24.

The state of Michigan has achieved significant progress during the governor’s tenure, Adler noted, referring to two Wall Street Journal articles the governor handed up during his speech. The first article published Oct. 2009 was titled ‘The State of Joblessness’, and the second article published Sept. 2017 was titled ‘The Michigan Comeback Story.’ Those articles, Adler said, say a lot about how far Michigan has come in terms of economic recovery.

Michigan’s economic comeback is mostly reflected in the creation of 540,000 jobs in the private sector, and a resurgence in manufacturing, particularly the auto industry, Adler noted, adding that a lot of Michiganders who left to seek better opportunities elsewhere are now coming back and want to invest in the state.

Adler also spoke about the importance of continuing the work that is ongoing, and the need to invest more in some areas where Michigan underperforms. One particular issue Adler raised is a prevailing talent gap, particularly the shortage of skilled workers in professional trades such as plumbing and construction. Career counseling in school is an issue closely tied to the talent gap problem that needs to be fixed, Adler noted.

Adler said the governor did not only talk about his accomplishments, but also mentioned a few other issues that need to be worked on in the future such as infrastructure and water system, recycling, broadband, the Asian carp invasion, the opioid epidemic, taxes, and veterans programs.

Adler further noted that while stressing his commitment to the future generation, the governor called on every Michigander, regardless of party affiliation and political views, to work together to achieve a full comeback for Michigan.

Below is a full video of Ari Adler's talk:

Source: SBAM

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