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Lezotte Miller Public Relations Inc. Celebrates 25 Years

SINCE BARBARA LEZOTTE LAUNCHED Lezotte Miller Public Relations Inc. in 1995, she’s seen record years, as well as recessions, media evolutions, and technology revolutions.

“Given tech advancements, media downsizing, political and business climate shifts, we can count on something new every week,”Lezotte said.“As we’ve navigated through the constant change, we’ve helped clients do the same.”


On July 5, the firm celebrates 25 years of successful media campaigns, public policy communication and crisis management for clients in environmental, economic development, health care, manufacturing and more.

“One of the privileges of this business is the opportunity to work with experts in their industries and professions,” Lezotte notes. “We are so grateful to the many clients we’ve collaborated with over the years. It’s also thanks to a great team that our clients get top-notch communication counsel and service, notably former journalist Mike Turner, who joined us in 2009 from the Flint Journal, and Chris Christoff, a veteran of the Detroit Free Press and Bloomberg News.”

Lezotte is a former chairperson and longtime member of the LRCC board. She was also a division director and PAC board member for several years. She earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in journalism from Michigan State University and now teaches PR writing courses at MSU as an adjunct professor.

In addition to handling media relations, external and internal communications, crisis communication and issues management for hundreds of clients over 25 years, the firm has mentored more than 100 college interns studying journalism and public relations.

“We love it when former interns connect on LinkedIn, and we learn that they’ve become PR directors or even PR firm owners in their own right,” Lezotte said. “So many people helped me in the early years; it’s a pleasure to try to do the same for young people starting out.”

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