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Democrat voter turnout could determine November elections

President Trump's low approval ratings could impact Michigan elections in November, said Zach Gorchow, editor of Gongwer News service, at Capitol Issues Forum Sept. 27.

Gorchow, who is covering the midterm elections, said Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic Candidate, is favored to win the governor's race. Bill Schuette, the Republican Candidate, may struggle to win the election due to his alignment with President Trump.

"We're seeing a middle class wave of educated people with bachelor's degrees, primarily women who don't agree with Trump, switch to voting Democrat in counties that are traditionally Republican," said Gorchow.

The increase in Democratic voters will impact the outcome of the races in counties such as Oakland, Monroe and Kalamazoo and could mean a power shift in the Legislature where Republicans have had the majority for the last eight years.

Both the Senate and the House have close races that could make them go Democrat.

"Overall, the state of Michigan has had a higher increase in the percentage of Democratic voters in the recent primary than there were in 2014," Gorchow said. "Usually in elections people tend to vote opposite of the party that is in control, we've consistently seen this pattern in the recent primary and foresee it in the upcoming election."

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